Welcome to Demolish and Dismantle, the website for C&D Consultancy one of the UK’s leading consultancies in the art of demolition engineering.

Demolition has been around since at least 1451BC when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down by the use of controlled demolition by animal horns!

Things have moved on a little since then as the demolition industry now carries out controlled demolition and dismantling by many means, including explosives, high reach machines, robotics, microwave and laser techniques on all types of structures.

C&D Consultancy are involved, as advisers, with the demolition of many structures and buildings throughout Europe and we have a great deal of experience within the team on demolition projects of all types.

We have, over the last few years, been involved as demolition consultants, CDM co-ordinators, or demolition advisers on well over 400 projects ranging from 30 storey tower blocks by explosive demolition, tower block by top down and high reach demolition, industrial demolition, inner city demolition, oil rig and offshore work in the UK and Europe, and many other smaller projects.

CDM 2007 states that all demolition should be planned and C&D can assist in that planning from initial studies to completion.

When we set up our website we saw it as a means of bringing information to the web about demolition in general as well as the work that we undertake and you will, therefore, find links to other demolition related websites, news feeds and legislation to try to answer any questions that you have about demolition and dismantling.

The new CDM Regulations are actively encouraging us all to become more competent in our work and the best way to ensure competence is to undergo training in demolition, so why not take a look at our training site to view courses on offer that are demolition orientated.

And finally take a look at the “When demolition goes wrong” section where you will find videos and news of demolition around the world when it didn’t go according to plan! I am pleased to say that C&D Consultancy were not involved in any of the projects in this section!

Thank you for visiting the site, enjoy the visit and please revisit soon.

John Woodward.