April 23, 2014

Change at the top within The Institute of Construction Management

As current President Les Helliwell comes to the end of his successful two year reign, the IConstM have announced the key figures who will take the institute forward for the next six years.

The AGM on Saturday, 21st June 2014 at the Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran (which will be followed with a dinner dance on the same evening to welcome in the new officers), will rubber stamp the following appointments:-

President:- Gary Francis
Vice President:- Cliff Brown
Junior Vice President:- Kevin George

The task facing the new heads will be to increase both membership and revenue for the institute and to ensure that the "Competency Register" is up and running immediately following the AGM.

Regular readers of this site will know that John has been a council of management member of IConstM for the last year, but he has decided that, owing to a growing workload, he can no longer offer the time required to attend the meetings but he will remain a member of the institute and continue to encourage IDE members to join.

If you are a manager in construction, or in a construction related occupation such as demolition, then why not apply for institute membership by visiting the IConstM website and downloading an application form.

April 22, 2014

Legionnaires’ disease Approved Code of Practice gets revised

There are a number of legal duties an employer, or more generally dutyholders have to comply with in regards to Legionnaires disease. And with that in mind, there's an Approved Code of Practice.

That code and guidelines was updated in November 2013 by the HSE, and in so doing clarified a number of key points. Points you need to be aware of.

For full details of what has been updated, what has changed, and generally what you need to be aware of, follow the link below where SHP Online has published an excellent summary.

Source: SHP Online

April 18, 2014

Latest edition of Demolition & Recycling International magazine available

The March-April edition of Demolition & Recycling International magazine is now available to read online, on your mobile devices, or to download.

This latest issue has the following highlights:
  • Explosive Demolition: D&Ri reports on the three blowdowns that made it to the shortlist for the 2013 Explosive Demolition Award
  • Crushing & Screening: A look at some of the latest generation mobile crushing and screening units to come onto the market
  • Site Report: AR Demolition carried out demolition as part of the refurbishment of Kings Cross railway station in the heart of the city of London, UK. D&Ri reports
To grab your copy, just visit the KHL Group website where it should load directly in your web browser.

April 17, 2014

Demolition & Dismantling gets first issue for 2014

We are pleased to announce that the NFDC has released the first issue of Demolition and Dismantling Magazine for 2014.

It's 80-pages in total and includes stories involving Syd Bishop & Sons, Balicrest, R Collard, Wessex Demolition, Total Reclaims Demolition, Gnat UK, and Husqvarna. There's also an article from the Institue of Demolition Engineers, an interview with NFDC CEO and Group Manager and a centre spread on our Annual General Meeting/Demolition Awards 2014.

We've embedded the issue below, just click on it to have a read:

Source: NFDC

April 16, 2014

Reflecting on the Government changes to prevent bogus self employment

C&D customer Number 8 Group Ltd. has reflected on the Government changes to prevent bogus self employment, more specifically, here is what one of their customers is doing about it:

You may be aware of a recent consultation paper issued by the government, focusing on ending bogus self employment within the construction and other industries. Whilst the consultation period will last up to eight weeks, it’s likely that the current set up of agencies and intermediaries supplying temporary self employed labour will change. Genuinely self employed people will not be affected however it remains to be seen exactly what the government define as genuinely self employed within the agency supply market.

It’s fair to say that construction companies of all sizes enjoy the flexibility of hiring self employed operatives from agencies, both from a cost and employment status perspective. In our opinion the industry would be in serious trouble if a significant proportion of the agency labour supplied came with the added cost of holiday pay, sick pay and employers NI not to mention maternity/paternity pay. This could add upwards of 25% to the actual cost of hiring in an operative, and this will have to be borne by either the operative, agency, contractor or end client.

This new legislation is due to take effect from April 2014 in some shape or form, which will be finalised after the consultation period has ended. So in four months from now, the way you hire in temporary labour could be very different and ultimately a lot more expensive. Having said that, there is a huge amount of issues and concerns to resolve, and as the government has gone through a similar exercise four years ago, the result could still be very little change.

At Number 8, we’re working with advisors to ensure we have a workable model by April 2014, whatever the outcome. We’re not sure what this model will look like at this point, however rest assured we will be reviewing every possible option in order for us to continue offering a cost effective labour supply service. We fundamentally understand that the recovery in the construction industry will only continue if a viable solution to this new piece of legislation is found, a solution that enables contractors to continue working competitively BUT within the new rules dictated by this legislation.

In the meantime it’s business as usual and we will keep you updated if there are any developments, and certainly inform you of our new model once finalised. Of course please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these changes.

Thanks to Number 8 Group Ltd. for providing us with the above.

April 15, 2014

DSM Demolition tears down the back of Tesco in Walsall

Last month we posted about C&D customer DSM Demolition tearing down the back of the old Tesco building in Walsall town centre. Well, less than a month later and they've finished the job.

The Old Square redevelopment will see £21 million spent and a new Primark and Co-op being erected. The project won't be completed until 2015, but the demolition phase seems to be coming to an end withough any problems.

Source: Express & Star

April 14, 2014

Tipton Green school says thank you for John's talk to kids

You may remember a few days ago we posted about John Woodward giving a successful talk to the children at Tipton Green school. Well, not the school has responded with a big thank you!

Here's the email we received from the school:

Dear All, thanks SO much for all your help in making the Primary Futures Pilot at Tipton Green such a success. We really appreciated the time you gave up and it was clear that the children were inspired and excited by your presentations and the opportunities ahead for them.

The scheme John signed up to is called Inspiring the Future - Primary schools. And you can take part, too. Just head on over the the Inspiring the Future website and sign up!

April 11, 2014

Classic pictures from a 1970 chimney demolition

What was it like demolishing a chimney in 1970? How about 3 men, a few ropes, and some hand tools? Don't believe me? Then you need to take a look at the demolition gallery over on GetReading (link below).

The gallery is full of black & white photographs captured on a chimney demolition in early 1970. The chimney in question was owned by the Electricity Board and located at Vastern Road in Caversham and Reading.

Were you working demolition in the 70's? Is this a blast from the past or an eye opener about how it used to be?

If you need to demolish a chimney like this in 2014 put your men on a C&D Work at Height course before you start. Contact margaret@demolishdismantle.co.uk for more information.

Source: GetReading

April 10, 2014

Apollo GCL appoint C&D as their H&S advisors and to produce their ISO management system

New kids on the civil engineering block Apollo GCL have appointed C&D as their H&S advisors as they start to grow their business.

The high level of enquiries received by Apollo GCL has also meant that the production of an ISO management system has become a priority for their expansion and we are pleased to say that the order for this work has also been awarded to C&D.

C&D will produce a fully integrated ISO system along with obtaining certification from Constructionline and Achilles.

If you feel that you need an ISO system then why not contact John Woodward to discuss your requirements with prices starting from £4,500.

April 9, 2014

Talk at Tipton Green school hailed as a success

Thursday 27th March saw John at Tipton Green School giving talks to all of the classes about a life in demolition as part of the "Inspiring the Future" programme. The talks were the second time John had returned to school to talk to pupils and this time John was one of six people attending to give the pupils an insight into the real world of work.

The full programme saw John, and Steve Gray of C&D customer Apollo GCL, along with other professionals give short talks to each class in turn to inspire the pupils to consider a job other than a Pop Star or Footballer.

The programme, which can be downloaded, allowed little time for breaks to ensure that all classes heard each speaker.

John's talk, entitled "Demolition Engineering A Great Career Choice" was very well received with several of the pupils wanting to drive large machines and blow down buildings.

Following the talks John has agreed to return to the school to be interviewed on the school radio station.