September 13, 2017

AKL Assessments running Award in Education and Training Course

Our friends over at AKL Assessments Ltd. are running a training course entitled Award in Education and Training (formally PTTLS) later this month.

The NVQ Level 3 course will run across three days on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of September, with attendance required between 8am and 3pm each day.

The training venue is as follows:

AKL Assessments Ltd.
Inspire Bradford Business Park
Newlands House One
Newlands Way
Bradford BD10 0JE

This is an entry level, formal teaching, and training qualification. It teaches the basics of how to prepare, plan, assess, and review teaching/training sessions with learners to meet quality requirements set out by Awarding Bodies.

The course is for anyone. Whether you are wanting to be able to provide in-house training, take the next step in your career, accredit your existing training role, or simply gain the knowledge and confidence to teach/train in the post-16 education sector, this course can help you.

If anyone would like further information and prices, please do not hesitate to contact either Claire or Maggie in the office on 01274 292206 or email info@aklassessmentsltd.co.uk

September 7, 2017

Spillard Heads to RWM 2017 with new 'HD' Safety Systems Technology

An increasing number of companies in the Recycling and Waste Management sector are investing in mobile safety systems to protect the public and their staff it has been revealed today.

The announcement was made by Wolverhampton-based Spillard Safety Systems in the lead up to the RWM Show at the NEC this month (12-14 th ) and comes after the company has seen a rise in orders from this arena.

Bosses at the firm believes this is down to clients wanting to ensure drivers of their vehicles are not susceptible to any blind spots when doing their jobs and also a growing desire to protect themselves against expensive legal cases when accidents happen.

As part of its large presence at RWM (stand 5S70-T75), Spillard will be unveiling its new Optronics HD range of safety systems, including the Optronics Foresight system.

This will be the first official recycling and waste management appearance of its groundbreaking solutions with High Definition capabilities, providing users with crystal clear vision and state-of-the-art recording capabilities.

“Over the last twelve months we have supplied products that have been installed on vehicle fleets for utility companies, waste management specialists and recycling firms and they are already reporting fewer incidents and examples where our camera systems have proven they were not responsible for incidents.” explained Peter Spillard, Managing Director.

He went on to add: “RWM is a fantastic show and this year we will be unveiling our new Optronics HD Range, which takes clarity of picture to a whole new level. Our team of experts will be on hand and there will also be live video demonstrations and examples of ‘blind spot’ mapping too.”

This year Spillard Safety Systems has been championing the removal of ‘blind spots’ in the commercial vehicle, construction, quarrying and now waste sectors for over 25 years.

It currently supports more than 100 different customers with the latest mobile safety equipment, whilst also working with various groups to educate them on the dangers of poor visibility.

One of the company’s biggest success stories is its partnership with S&B Waste Management & Recycling.

What originally started as a test of one product has resulted in more than 25 vehicles being fitted with a range of Spillard solutions after productivity increased. Not only did S&B Waste perform more journeys for its customers, but money was also saved from fraudulent claims.

For further information, please visit www.spillard.com or follow @spillardsafety on Twitter.

August 31, 2017

John chats about the Demolition Degree

Recently, our very own John Woodward was asked a few questions about the Demolition Degree at the University of Wolverhampton. The university was kind enough to share the footage with us, which you can watch above.

August 30, 2017

C&D assist Wakefield Council with the successful demolition of Rishworth Street Car Park

C&D were delighted to have been appointed by Wakefield City Council as Principal Designer for the demolition of Rishworth Street car park by explosive techniques.

The C&D team consisting of Mike Kehoe and Matty Bardgett carried out the works and we were very pleased with the result. You can read more about the job over at Demolition News.

August 29, 2017

World Demolition Awards Final Shortlist Announced

We are delighted to be shortlisted in two categories for the World Demolition Awards this year. We also wish everyone else making it into the final shortlist the very best of luck. The full list including categories is reproduced below:

1 Civils
Coleman Group
Priestly Demolition

2 Collaboration
Brandenburg Industrial Service Company
C&D Consultancy
Erith Contractors

3 Contract of the Year under US $1 million
C&D Consultancy
Ceres New Zealand
Ginlee Construction
Priestly Demolition

4 Contract of the Year over US $1 million
Ceres New Zealand
Erith Contractors
Ferma Corporation
Rachel Contracting

5 Explosive Demolition
Jet Demolition

6 Industrial Demolition
DDM Demontage
Erith Contractors

7 Manufacturers’ Innovation, Plant and Equipment
Groupe XL/XL Industries
Komatsu Europe
Red Rhino (5000 breaker only)

8 Manufacturers’ Innovation, Tools and Attachments
Demolition Resources Inc
Husqvarna Construction Products
MB Crusher
VTN Europe

9 Recycling and Environmental
Centro Clinico Sudoeste
Perfect Contracting
Priestly Demolition

10 Safety and Training
AR Demolition
Coleman Group
Erith Contractors
Perfect Contracting

11 Urban Demolition
Berg Corporation
Erith Contractors
Liberty Industrial
O’Keefe Demolition
Rye Demolition

August 28, 2017

Results of the Second C&D Consultancy Fishing Day

The second C&D Consultancy Fishing Day was held at Furnace Mill, Bewdley on Friday, 4th August, and I have only today got round to writing the report as I have been so busy.

The day was attended by 10 anglers from the world of demolition with representatives from Brown & Mason, Armac, and C&D, and guest accountant David Bytheway.

The day started with a full English breakfast cooked on site by Jane Brown before Ed Brown supervised the draw for pegs on Mucky Meadow. The weather was really kind to us (so kind that I burnt my bald head) and the lake fished well. After the weigh in, we all tucked into chilli with chips and rice whilst prizes and trophies were handed out.

Last year at Furnace Mill, Neville Pantin of Brown & Mason took the first prize, but this time the winner was Craig Wilkinson of C&D.


Winner:- Craig Wilkinson 45-10-00

Second:- David Bytheway 30-09-00

Third:- Mike Wilkinson 22-10-00

Other weights:-
Neville Pantin 15-08-00
John Kerr 14-08-00
John Woodward 11-06-00
Adam Terry 06-07-00
Brent Gill 00-01-03
Stuart Carter Did not weigh
Ash Alison Did not weigh

August 21, 2017

IDE Midlands Regional Meeting and Peaky Blinders Tour

Click here to register your attendance and get a Peaky Blinders Tour booking form via email.

August 10, 2017

4x4 pickups boost vehicle leasing in the demolition industry

For years, the 4x4 pickup was nothing more than a workhorse, a functional vehicle designed to simply get the job done. Not any more. With Double Cabs built for any purpose, and a noticeable improvement in base specifications, their popularity has significantly increased.

From a work point of view, there’s the flexibility to carry a wide range of loads and the option to protect cargo and improve the aesthetics of the vehicle with accessories such as load covers and hard tops.

Come the weekend, the weekday worker becomes a comfortable family car that’s driven out of choice rather than necessity. This is particularly true of models such as the Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and the VW Amarok, all of which are now taking the 4x4 pickup to a whole new level.

A tax efficient replacement for your company car.

The functionality and flexibility of the pickup means that they’re also fast becoming a first-choice company car for many within the construction and demolition industries.

One of the key drivers to this is their tax efficiency. As most pickups are considered light commercial vehicles (LCVs), they are taxed differently to conventional company cars. Simply put, Benefit-in- Kind (BIK) is set at a flat rate, irrespective of CO2 emissions or price.

To illustrate the point, take a look at the comparison below, which shows a potential tax saving of over 47%.

What about vans?

It’s not just 4x4 pickups that are on the rise, van leasing has been steadily increasing for a number of years, and we have recently seen a 10% year on year growth as companies look to reduce their compliance burden by ditching their smaller HGVs in favour of vans.

This is clearly seen within the demolition industry, as more and more companies are switching on to the benefits of leasing rather than buying vehicles outright. There are a number of reasons for this, but in general it comes down to flexibility, predictability and control.

Leasing contracts are flexible because you can choose in advance how long you want the lease to run for and the mileage your likely to do. Predictability comes from being able to fix both your finance payments and your maintenance bills for the duration of the contract. This means there’s no nasty shocks or unexpected repair bills to worry about for anywhere up to five years. And finally, control comes from the fact that you are limiting any financial exposure and being able to divert funds to be used elsewhere within the business.

Having said this, it’s worth remembering that the most popular form of leasing, Contract Hire, has its downsides as well. For example, should your situation change during the course of the contract and you no longer need the vehicle, a early termination fee would be payable to the finance company.

Additionally, whether or not the contract runs to term, once the vehicle has been returned, it will be assessed for damage. Any defects which are not considered ‘fair wear and tear’ will need to be repaired at your cost. And, whilst the assessment is carried out in line with BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) guidelines, the finance company, or their appointed representative, will decide on the level of additional cost to be paid.

As an alternative, companies with highly variable needs, as well as those who tend to run their vehicles quite hard, often prefer a different type of financial arrangement known as Finance Lease.

Under such an agreement you get the best of both worlds, with ownership benefits such as taking advantage of the equity that’s built up in the vehicle, whilst at the same paying the sort of low upfront payments normally only associated with leasing. Also, VAT is only charged on the rental payments and not on the initial cost of the vehicle itself.

There are two main options with Finance Lease. You can choose to pay lower monthly payments and leave a large amount to be repaid at the end of the contract, which under normal circumstances is financed by the sale of the van. Alternatively, you could decide to pay more each month and then look to recoup up to 95% of the vehicle’s final value when it is sold at the end of the contract. In other words, there’s no financial risk to the business during the contract term, and you get a share of the sale proceeds at the end. However, are there no voluntary termination rights with a Finance Lease, so you need to go into the agreement with your eyes open.

Deciding on the best way to finance any vehicle depends on a wide variety of facts, including whether you are looking to minimise risk, initial payments, in contract payments or are looking to keep your options open in the months and years ahead.

As specialists in business and personal leasing for both cars and commercial vehicles, The Vehicle Partnership can help you understand all the different options so that you can make a decision that’s right for you and your business.

Julian Tyson
Managing Director, The Vehicle Partnership

August 9, 2017

World Demolition Summit 2017 spotlights winning projects

The World Demolition Summit 2017 is fast approaching, being held this year in London on November 2nd.

If you haven't yet booked your tickets, here's 5 examples of what you'll get to experience during the summit if you do:
  1. Ryan Priestly, president of Canadian contractor Priestly Demolition, who will give an insight into the Nipigon River Bridge replacement project that won his company both the Civils Demolition and overall World Demolition awards at the WDS in 2016.
  2. Scott Knightly, the owner and president of US firm Envirovantage, will speak on the five-storey mill demolition at The Lofts in Saco Falls. This was the winner of an Excellence in Demolition Award at the National Demolition Association convention earlier this year.
  3. Rye Demolition, will talk delegates through its demolition of the former West Ham United football stadium in the UK capital, fittingly for the first WDS to be held in London.
  4. Martin Bjerregaard, of Disaster Waste Recovery will talk about demolition and debris management in Syria.
  5. James Howard, of Coleman Group will give a paper on Crisis management – responding to major incidents.
The full confirmed speaker line-up includes many more names and could grow larger. So don't hang about booking your tickets and securing your place at the summit!

August 8, 2017

Be ready for the IDE Elections 2017

The process will begin shortly for the IDE Elections 2017 and all details for eligible voters will be sent to the Electoral Reform Services (ERS) who will be administering the Council elections again this year.

Nominations may be made by fully paid-up Fellows (FIDE, Hon FIDE), Full members (MIDE, Hon MIDE), Associates (AMIDE), and Technician Grade Members. If you are an eligible member, please keep an eye on your inbox for emails from the IDE and ERS inviting you to nominate candidates. Remember, your vote counts!

With that in mind, please check that you have provided your most current email and/or postal address to the IDE, and ensure these important emails aren't inadvertently ending up in your spam folder.

August 4, 2017

IDE and NFDC Golf Day 2017 Confirmed

As the invitation below states, if you'd like to attend then please call 01634 790548 or email info@ide.org.uk. We look forward to seeing you there on Friday, 15th September.

August 3, 2017

IDE calls for visiting lecturers at the University of Wolverhampton

The launch of the world leading Demolition Degree gets ever closer with the first students commencing their study at the University on Thursday, 28th September this year.

The content of the course has now been agreed by the IDE Education Committee. Dr. Terry Quarmby and our own John Woodward are on-board to deliver the relevant lectures. However, there is a need for additional lecturers to assist with the course and anyone interested in offering their time should contact Richard Dolman with a copy of their CV and relevant training qualifications.

Please note, lecturers will need to make themselves available on various dates throughout the academic year.

To contact Richard Dolman, please email info@ide.org.uk

August 2, 2017

IDE Midlands Regional Meeting on August 15th

The IDE has organised a Midlands Regional Meeting for Tuesday, 15th August between 5pm and 7pm.

The meeting is sponsored by DSM Demolition Ltd. and takes place in The Oak Hotel, Stratford Road, Hockley heath B94 5NW. You'll find it on the A34.

At 5pm there will be refreshments and some time to network. Then there will be talks by safety consultant Steve Tamplin on Scaffolding Awareness, and Ricky Hay FRICS, the NFDC Scotland & Ireland Regional Chairman on the demolition of the St. James Quarter in Edinburgh. A video will also be available to watch showing a delayed timelapse of the Tottenham Hotspurs Ground demolition.

To register your attendance, please email info@ide.org.uk

July 25, 2017

The World Demolition Awards Judging Panel Revealed

As you all know, running alongside the World Demolition Summit is the World Demolition Awards. And those awards need judges, of which there are eight. KHL has a nice expose piece revealing a little detail about who those eight people are from industry this year. They include:
  • Henrik Bonnesen, Cowi, Denmark
  • Dan Costello, Costello Dismantling Company, USA
  • Clinton Dick, Liberty Industrial, Australia
  • Patrick Frye, Cardem, France
  • Jim Graham, Winter Environmental, USA
  • Bill Moore, ERM, USA
  • William Sinclair, Safedem, United Kingdom
  • John Woodward, C&D Consultancy, United Kingdom
Head on over to the KHL website to learn a little more about seven of those judges. I say seven, as if you're visiting this site then you already know quite a bit about that eight judge!

July 24, 2017

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Guide Download

The link below allows you to download a copy of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Guide 2015, which should be mandatory reading for most people working in the industry. Here's the introduction to whet your appetite:

"The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects.

CDM applies to all building and construction work and includes new build, demolition, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, repair and maintenance.

This guide is based on sound industry practice and will help small businesses and organisations deliver building and construction projects in a way that prevents injury and ill-health."

Please click here to download a copy.