February 20, 2017

WDS 2017: Two New Speakers Confirmed

The World Demolition Summit 2017 has two new speakers confirmed for this November's event!

They are Jacqueline O'Donovan and Scott Knightly.

Jacqueline O'Donovan is managing director of O'Donovan Waste Disposal, and her talk will focus on developing closer working relationships between the demolition, recycling and logistics industries.

Scott Knightly is president of the US National Demolition Association and also runs his own company called Envirovantage. His talk will focus on the demolition of an 11,000 sq m (120,000 sq ft) mill complex in the US.

To hear both speakers, as well as many more, head on over to the WDS 2017 website to book your places.

Source: D&RI

February 15, 2017

Meet the Team: Les Hemmings

We're in the process of updating our C&D team pages on this website, and the latest new entry is for Les Hemmings. You can read the answers to his Q&A session below:


Under the microscope is one of C&D Consultancy’s longest serving members of staff…Les Hemmings.

How long have you worked at C&D Consultancy?

I’ve been here since the very early days when John first started the business in 2003 and have seen it grow massively during that time.

It’s a real privilege to have been involved in the expansion, from working on some small projects to being the first ‘port of call’ when a complex demolition project is considered.

We’ve even become known in the sector as a bit of a troubleshooter, who can go in when a job hasn’t worked and quickly come up with a solution to take the structure down.

What is your current role and what does it involve?

General dogsbody! No seriously, I’m Principal Designer at C&D and that involves a myriad of responsibilities, from offering technical advice on the correct demolition process to project management and something as simple as ensuring the right communication channels are in place.

Due to my extensive experience, I tend to be dragged into very complex contracts that some firms will not touch. Whilst they are challenging and can be extremely time consuming (I’ve worked 24 hours in some cases) these are the ones that give you the greatest satisfaction and are always good to learn from.

Tell us about some of these projects?

Where do I start? I suppose one of the biggest ones I’m working on at the moment is the demolition of part of the Mander Centre in our hometown of Wolverhampton.

This is an iconic symbol of local life, but desperately needs a new look and modernising and we are well on the way to completing a traditional ‘top down’ process working with some very big machines. We also have to take into consideration noise due to the prime location and the fact parts of the centre are still in operation.

Other interesting ones were an oil reinfery that wanted to keep the roof intact and a two-year project for a power station that was badly damaged by fire.

Each job is different and has its own unique challenges…you have to face each one like this otherwise complacency will settle in and that is a very dangerous situation to be in.

We understand you have been a member of the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) for many years, how pleased are you with the new ‘Demolition Degree’?

It has been a long time coming and will finally give demolition engineers a recognised qualification that goes some way to highlighting the vast experience we possess.

For too long structural engineers and surveyors have hoarded letters after their name over us and this Degree will address that.

I’m very passionate about bringing young people into our sector and this will undoubtedly make us a more attractive industry to work in. I’m happy to play my bit and share my knowledge and experience with people on the course.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Clay pigeon shooting and golf are two of my biggest passions outside of work, although that passion isn’t always replicated in my actual performance on the greens.

I also enjoy spending time with my wife and my three children.

February 13, 2017

Latest Demolition and Recycling International Magazine Available

The January-February 2017 issue of Demolition and Recycling International magazine is now available to read for free.

Highlights of this issue include:
  • ConExpo showguide
  • Demolition excavators
  • Mobile crushing
C&D Consultancy is mentioned twice in this issue, and more specifically, the Rosemount explosive demolition job is featured, which we collaborated on with Safedem.

You can download the PDF version directly, or get it for your Apple iOS or Google Android devices.

February 10, 2017

RGL Demonstrates How to Demolish Concrete Using Water

RGL is the UK's leading provider of water jetting services, and that includes using water for demolition jobs!

The company have been working on the corrosion protection and concrete repairs project at Coronation Arches, Folkestone for several months. Using Ultra High Pressure water jetting via robotic and hand held methods they have removed over 100 cubic metres of concrete.

To show exactly how this system works, RGL created a video showing the work at Folkestone. It's available to watch on the RGL website, and I highly recommend you pop over and spend a couple of minutes watching how it's done. They even replace humans with a robot during high tide, removing the risk of injury completely.

February 9, 2017

First World Demolition Summit 2017 Conference Speaker Revealed

The first speaker attending the World Demolition Summit 2017 has been confirmed as Ryan Priestly of Priestly Demolition.

You may remember Ryan's company was voted "Best of the Best" in last year's World Demolition Awards, and they also won the Civils Demolition Award. The presentation Ryan will give during WDS 2017 is about the removal of the Nipigon River Bridge on the Trans Canada Highway. It's sure to be a fascinating listen.

As D&RI reports:

"He will discuss the challenges involved in removing the original narrow two-lane structure during sub-zero temperatures in a remote part of the country, and how Priestly came up with a solution to the apparently intractable problem."

If you would like to attend the World Demolition Summit this year, there's still plenty of time to arrange tickets, transport, and even accommodation. WDS 2017 takes place on November 2nd at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London. For more details visit the Demolition Summit website.

February 8, 2017

Save lives through engineering

Misunderstanding has long plagued the engineering industry, something we in the demolition sector know only too well.

For years, there has been misconception among school children that science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) subjects are boring or geeky – and certainly not something you want to profess to enjoying around your mates.

Higher up the education ladder, the barriers are much the same. Courses are seen to be long and hard, requiring high grades to succeed.

Luckily, a new initiative has been launched by the Tomorrow’s Engineers career group.

The 'Save Lives As An Engineer' poster and accompanying teacher booklet are for use with Key Stages 3 and 4. Related to the theme of disaster relief, the resources demonstrate the different ways engineers can be employed in rebuilding and revitalising communities affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and avalanches.

The humanitarian aspect to engineering is often overlooked, and the materials show both girls and boys that a career in the sector can be very rewarding, potentially saving thousands of lives.

The teacher booklet presents classroom discussion topics, links to other useful resources and curriculum-linked lesson plans with student worksheets (KS3 Physics and Design and Technology).

C&D Founder John Woodward has committed a lot of time to promoting demolition as a career choice to school children by taking part in the government-backed initiative Inspiring The Future and writing and publishing his own children’s book called My Dad Does Demolition.

“There is a huge skills gap in the demolition industry as a whole, particularly when it comes to young people. Last year’s announcement of the UK’s first demolition degree was a step in the right direction, but now initiatives such as SaveLives can supplement this by promoting engineering to children of a younger age,” explained John.

He continued: “Many children today are intent on becoming footballers or pop stars, which is fine, but there are also a large percentage of youngsters spending hours on end playing construction-based games like Minecraft. This is the audience we should be looking to attract.”

“If school initiatives can help children understand that there is a direct connection between games like Minecraft and the basic principles of engineering, we may be able to inspire the next generation.”

More information on the SaveLives resources can be found on the Tomorrow’s Engineers website: http://www.tomorrowsengineers.org.uk/savelives/

February 7, 2017

An Invitation From the IDE President

IDE Spring Seminar February 24th

The IDE is holding a Spring Seminar on February 24th located at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The speakers at this event include:
  • Anna Mason, The Healthy Employee
  • Jim O’Sullivan, Keltbray Ltd
  • Stefan Mordue, NBS, Business Solutions Consultant
  • Richard Dolman, AR Demolition Ltd – Demolition Safety Forum
  • Richard Green, Explosives Engineer, IndEx
  • Grant Styles, Erith Contractors Ltd
  • Howard Button, CEO, NFDC
  • Chris Donne, SMH Group
For more information, including how to book places, visit the IDE website.

January 30, 2017

C&D: 2016 In Numbers

Please click the infographic below to view it full size:

January 25, 2017

China implodes 19 buildings in 10 seconds

China tends to do everything on a large scale, and that clearly includes demolition. The video above shows the implosion of 19 buildings at once located in Wuhan.

How do you implode so many buildings at the same time and in less than 10 seconds? By using 5 tonnes of explosives!