January 30, 2015

Watch McAuliffe Demolition demolish derelict buildings in Bilston town centre

C&D customer McAuliffe Demolition get to grips with Bilston town centre, and in so doing is making way for redevelopment of the area. This particular piece of land will become a pedestrian walkway linking the town centre and leisure centre. We will also see 500 new homes constructed to the south of the leisure centre.

Source: Express & Star

January 29, 2015

KHL and DRi announce the first of the speakers for the Istanbul Demolition Conference

DRi have announced the first speakers for Istanbul including our own Mike Kehoe. Mike's presentation will be "Planning for Success" – preparing the ground for successful demolition projects.

Full details can be found on the Demolition & Recycling International website, with the conference taking place on March 12th.

January 28, 2015

Dungeness A turbine hall demolition is being broadcast live

Watching a building get demolished is actually very difficult unless you're actively involved in the project and working on site. And that's how it should be due to the safety issues that surround such work. But that doesn't mean we can't all watch a demolition in progress with the help of technology.

The 26 metre-high Dungeness A turbine hall is being demolished as part of a wider decommissioning operation, and someone has had the foresight to setup a camera so we can all watch it happen. So between now and the end of March you can visit this page and see a regularly updated view of how the work is progressing.

I'm sure you'll join me in hoping more companies decide to setup cameras and share their work with the world.

Source: Folestone Herald

January 27, 2015

NDTG Demolition & Asbestos Awareness training at the weekends in 2015

Following an unprecedented demand for training courses at weekends we have launched a monthly NDTG Demolition & Asbestos Awareness course in Chiswick in London. Courses will run on Saturdays and Sundays each month throughout 2015.

A full list of dates are available on our Demolition Training website.

January 26, 2015

Is work starting to pick up in the North West?

Normally the first sign of a downturn in workloads in demolition is the fact that training courses end up cancelled for lack of interest. So are we about to see an upturn in work in the North West?

Our NDTG approved Demolition & Asbestos Awareness course in Birkenhead on Saturday, 31st January is now FULLY BOOKED and we have to add a further date on Friday, 30th January to meet demand.

Normally we only expect sell outs inside one day when Queen and Adam Lambert announce tour dates, so it was a surprise to find out that all places sold out inside 24 hours. If you are in the North West and need a place on the course to obtain or renew your CCDO card, book now by emailing margaret@demolishdismantle.co.uk as we fully expect this course to also sell out quickly.

January 19, 2015

New training course calendar released

We have released the new training calendar dates on our sister site www.demolitiontraining.com so please click that link to take a look at what courses are being delivered and when.

The highlights are the new "Open to All" NDTG approved Demolition & Asbestos Awareness courses on weekends in London, Birkenhead and Birmingham.

Dates for these open courses are:-
  • London Sunday 18 January
  • Birmingham Saturday 24 January
  • London Saturday 21 February
  • Birmingham Saturday 21 February
  • London Sunday 22 February
  • Birkenhead Saturday 28 February
  • Birmingham Monday 02 March (In conjunction with NDTG)
  • London Saturday 21 March
  • Birmingham Saturday 21 March
  • London Sunday 22 March

January 14, 2015

Looking After Yourself

Reading Chair of the HSE, Judith Hackitt’s, recent piece entitled “It’s all about people” made for an interesting and thought provoking 10 minutes. Whilst the subject matter was not what I was expecting, the points raised were certainly very well made and something to be proud of. But why does she and others continually need to justify and defend the executive, even after 40 years of saving lives and preventing injuries?

What I was expecting was a piece about a person's responsibilities for their own safety when I saw the title, as this is something I had been thinking about over the Christmas break. Having recently come back into the industry after close on 25 years of working in another area, walking on to a site was an eye opening experience. Gone were the mud baths of a work area, filthy canteens and toilets, and work practices of a highly dubious nature. In their place, working conditions that offer employees better places to work in a safer environment.

There is one negative, however. I do think that to a degree we have lost the personal protection approach where as individuals we have a responsibility to look after ourselves. Rather now, there seems to be a certain amount of “we should be looked after by someone else” attitude around. Whilst certainly true to an extent, we should never forget that workplace safety is a team effort, from both employers and employees. It is important to keep stressing the personal side through training to achieve the correct balance.

January 13, 2015

It Won’t Happen To Me

Unfortunately, all too often, this is the rationale behind many a tradesman’s thinking when it comes to asbestos and its lethal effects.

We should all learn then from a very tragic case that came to light in Ireland recently where three members of the same family died as a result of exposure to asbestos. To make matters worse the three that died were two brothers and their sister.

The one brother was involved in cutting asbestos sheets for the building trade in the 1960’s, the other brother was a pipefitter in Australia in the 6o’s and 70’s and their sister was exposed to it when she washed her builder husbands overalls after he had been working with asbestos.

Three people, all suffering the same fate, all exposed in different places at different times, but all three dying from a mesothelioma, a tumour around the lungs which has a more than 90% association with asbestos exposure.

So please don’t think “it won’t happen to me” think carefully about what you do and think about booking onto one of C&D’s Asbestos Awareness courses.

Here's a link to HSE’s Mesothelioma campaign video:


January 12, 2015

Steve Bull starts open networking sessions at his Wolverhampton restaurant

Steve Bull, best known for his goal scoring ability, is kicking off a new relaxed, open networking session at his Bravaccio's Italian cuisine restaurant. The aim being to attract an after work crowd to the restaurant to relax and do business.

It's called the Bully's Business Club and meeting will be held on the following dates:

  • Friday January 30th 2015
  • Friday February 27th 2015
  • Friday March 27th 2015
  • Friday April 24th 2015
  • Friday May 29th 2015
  • Friday June 26th 2015
  • Friday July 31st 2015
  • Friday August 28th 2015
  • Friday September 25th 2015
  • Friday October 30th 2015
  • Friday November 27th 2015
  • Friday December 11th 2015

If you's like to attend a meeting on one of the dates listed above, then get in touch with the restaurant either by emailing reservations@bravaccios.co.uk or calling 01902 756052.

Bravaccio's is situated at Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8QQ.

January 9, 2015

Ever wondered how they beach old ferries for dismantling?

When we think of demolition we tend to concentrate on buildings and other land-bound structures. But sea-fairing vessels also eventually need to be demolished/dismantled at the end of their life. And this isn't an operation carried out in the water. Somehow the ships need to be transferred to dry land.

So how exactly do they manage that feat? The video above shows you exactly how it's done, and I'm sure quite a few of our readers now want the job of beaching ferries. It looks like a lot of fun.