April 1, 2015

Why are Vehicle Blind Spots Increasing?

At a recent regional meeting of the Institute of Demolition Engineers we were given an insight into the very impressive capabilities of the new 360 degree Vision System by Spillard Safety Systems of Wolverhampton. This very intelligent camera based system, when fitted to construction vehicles, can provide the driver or operator with a complete picture of what is going on around their vehicle, totally removing any blind spots that have caused so many issues in the past.

To me the most interesting, and alarming, part of the talk was when we were shown examples of the blind spot diagrams for everyday vehicles used on sites across the country. From Dumpers to Wheeled Excavators and even Transit Vans, the visibility assessment surveys showed differing and worryingly large areas of blind spots around the vehicles. What was even more alarming was the fact that over recent years and despite the improvements in safety elsewhere, blind spots around vehicles have actually been increasing.

Apparently external issues such as the increase in bodywork sizes due to larger diesel particulate filters, or a fire extinguisher placed by a third party has reduced the areas that can be seen easily by the driver. Even a newly placed hook in the cab by one manufacturer has led to the same problem because of operators making use of it to hang their jackets on, as indeed it is designed for.

More information about the 360 Vision System and other solutions can be found at the Spillard website, along with many Blind Spot Vision Assessments, which better illustrate what is needed to reduce the blind spots on site vehicles. They also offer a service where they will come out to site and do Vision Assessments on your vehicles free of charge.

March 31, 2015

Unsolicited feedback shows that C&D training hits the spot

We were delighted to receive the following feedback after Mike Kehoe delivered a recent course for NDTG.

Good Morning Mike,

May I take this opportunity to thank you for yesterday’s course at Forshaw’s head office? I thought the course was delivered very well by you and really enjoyed it and I am sure the other guy’s did as well.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss your training needs. We're happy to help.

March 30, 2015

C&D customer McAuliffe Group expand their transport fleet with Volvo

Wolvehampton-based McAuliffe Group has placed an order for eight, brand new Volvo tipper trucks from The Harthstone Group. The order has been made possible thanks to turnover doubling over the past 24 months.

McAuliffe has managed the revenue increase through rejuvenating brownfield sites, and this has led to greatly increased demand for the company's services. They re-profile old land, demolish old buildings, recycle as much of the waste as possible, and decontaminate areas safely when necessary. It's the whole package. And this isn't a new company, 2015 is the firm's 45th year of operation and they've been using Volvo vehicles since the 70's. The reason? High resale value.

We see nothing but positives coming out of McAuliffe's operations right now. Long may it continue!

Source: Express & Star

March 27, 2015

Construction News Specialist Awards 2015 winners announced

Readers of the site will know that John was one of the judges for the Construction News Specialist Awards 2015, and we can now announce the winners for each of the 19 available awards.
  • Health & Safety Initiative of the Year - AR Demolition
  • Materials Supplier of the Year - CEMEX
  • Equipment Supplier of the Year - AFI
  • Business Innovation of the Year - British Power International
  • Demolition Specialist of the Year - Dem-Master Demolition
  • Ground Engineering Specialist of the Year - Keltbray
  • Access & Scaffolding Specialist of the Year - Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding
  • Structural Specialist of the Year - Metek UK
  • Roofing Specialist of the Year - BriggsAmasco
  • Building Services Specialist of the Year - Dodd Group
  • BIM Project Excellence - Metek UK
  • Sustainable Project of the Year - Balfour Beatty and SPI Appleton
  • Project of the Year (subcontract up to £2M) - Carney Construction
  • Project of the Year (subcontract over £2M) - Land and Water Group
  • Apprentice of the Year - Ashley Craig
  • Training Excellence - AR Demolition
  • Specialist Contractor of the Year (turnover up to £25m) - O'Brien Contractors
  • Specialist Contractor of the Year (turnover over £25m) - FK Group
  • Special Award - FK Group
Congratulations to all those who took part!

Source: Construction News

March 26, 2015

NFDC announces their Demolition Awards 2015 winners

On Friday, March 13th, the NFDC held the Demolition Awards 2015. We can now present the list of winners, and we are very glad to see our very own John Woodward on the list.

Central Demolition Ltd - John Carpenter - WINNER
Maylarch Environmental Ltd - Quincy Mofford - Highly Commended

Tilley & Barrett Ltd - Jason Davey - WINNER

Connell Brothers Ltd - Kevin Brooks - WINNER
Dem-Master Demolition Ltd - Paul Sharkey - Highly Commended

Erith Group Ltd - WINNER

Komatsu UK Ltd - WINNER
Swanton Consulting Ltd - Highly Commended

AR Demolition Ltd - WINNER

John Woodward - WINNER

Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd - WINNER

Erith Group Ltd - Ade Parreira - WINNER
Maylarch Environmental Ltd - Gary Beach - Highly Commended


David Sinclair FIDE, FFB, MFExpE - WINNER

Source: NFDC

March 25, 2015

On April 1st, ADAO Asbestos Week begins

Next week sees the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) kick off its Asbestos: Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention. campaign to coincide with global asbestos awareness week.

Every day from April 1-7 ADAO will posting information on a different subject related to asbestos. By sharing, we spread awareness after all. This is a subject we know all about, and do everything we can to make people aware of the dangers of working around asbestos. This is why we offer extensive training courses, in particular the Asbestos Awareness course.

If you'd like to know more about our asbestos expertise and training, please get in touch.

March 24, 2015

David Sinclair presented with Lifetime Achievement

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of the NFDC saw David Sinclair presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The presentation was done on Friday, 13th March at the Dorchester Hotel in London, and forms the ultimate recognition for his work in the demolition industry. A video of the presentation can be viewed over on the KHL Group website.

March 23, 2015

William Sinclair and his father to speak at the World Demolition Summit 2015

We are pleased to pass on the news that William Sinclair, immediate past president of the NFDC, will be giving a presentation at the World Demolition Summit 2015 this year.

His presentation will be about "The demolition role in urban redevelopment," which will have a strong focus on the implosion of the six Red Road towers in Glasgow last year. There's also a chance he will speak about the "Gallowgate Twins" demolition and the first use of Despe’s TopDownWay modular deconstruction system. William's father, David Sinclair, will also be speaking.

If you'd like to hear what William and his father have to say, then make sure to book your tickets when they become available for the summit being held on November 6th.

Source: KHL

March 20, 2015

The Price of Inexperience and Greed

A sobering reminder that lying to cover mistakes you have made in serious cases does not work.

A young, 23 year old, was on his first day of work for a company when he was told to do a job which ultimately lead to his death. The worker in question was very inexperienced in construction and demolition, with no training and was at his first day of work because the company was short of labour. He was told by the owner to dismantle a chimney on a house they were working on, by using a power tool in one of the houses bedrooms. As a result, and because there was no support structure in place, the chimney collapsed through the roof and trapped the worker below. He died as a result of his injuries.

When interviewed the owner of the building company said that the employee had only been told to sweep up on the site. However the Police did not believe his story as the power tool had been specifically hired for that day. He lied to try and cover his mistakes. In addition, he did not do a risk assessment for the work, did not supply supports such as scaffold or props, or the most sensible option, did not use a cherry picker from outside.

The company owner pleaded guilty to gross negligence manslaughter and breaching sections 2 (1) and 3 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act. The sentence is still being deliberated but the judge has warned that the seriousness of the offence and subsequent lying, does merit a custodial sentence.

March 18, 2015

Course reminders: Demolition and Asbestos Safety Awareness

There are three courses with places still available happening over the course of the next week or so. They are as follows:

Demolition and Asbestos Safety Awareness
Halesowen, Birmingham Saturday 21st March

Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
26th March

Demolition and Asbestos Safety Awareness
Birkenhead, Saturday 28th March

For further details please email Stuart at stuart@demolishdismantle.co.uk