August 28, 2017

Results of the Second C&D Consultancy Fishing Day

The second C&D Consultancy Fishing Day was held at Furnace Mill, Bewdley on Friday, 4th August, and I have only today got round to writing the report as I have been so busy.

The day was attended by 10 anglers from the world of demolition with representatives from Brown & Mason, Armac, and C&D, and guest accountant David Bytheway.

The day started with a full English breakfast cooked on site by Jane Brown before Ed Brown supervised the draw for pegs on Mucky Meadow. The weather was really kind to us (so kind that I burnt my bald head) and the lake fished well. After the weigh in, we all tucked into chilli with chips and rice whilst prizes and trophies were handed out.

Last year at Furnace Mill, Neville Pantin of Brown & Mason took the first prize, but this time the winner was Craig Wilkinson of C&D.


Winner:- Craig Wilkinson 45-10-00

Second:- David Bytheway 30-09-00

Third:- Mike Wilkinson 22-10-00

Other weights:-
Neville Pantin 15-08-00
John Kerr 14-08-00
John Woodward 11-06-00
Adam Terry 06-07-00
Brent Gill 00-01-03
Stuart Carter Did not weigh
Ash Alison Did not weigh

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